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Tackle Ecommerce Strategy With Google Shopping Campaigns

IvoryZ898973716468560 2019.04.12 06:51 Views : 4

I've been running profitable Google Shopping ads for almost 10 years now. Some optimizations still take place around or within the campaigns themselves like when implementing RLSA remarketing whilst others, like Merchant Promotions, are specialty programs provided by Google that can be used to enhance the appearance of your product ads.

When setting up your first campaign, you will want to start your bids for each group a little lower than what your bids are at for your traditional search campaigns, and then tweak up or down as the impressions and CTR (click through rate) data comes in.

If you are using Google Shopping campaigns, the adwords_grouping and adwords_labels are no longer necessary, but be sure not to replace adwords_labels with custom labels (this could negatively affect your regular Product Listing Ads campaign performance).

I have often thought that of all the things for Google to invest its algorithm and machine learning and brain power regarding Ads, why not take the fairly easy step of eliminating the need for a product feed since virtually every important product element is already listed on the product page.

Even if you feel confident in your knowledge of Shopping and how your campaigns are set up, at least glance over The Complete Google AdWords Shopping Campaign Settings Breakdown I will cover some aspects, but that specific post provides a more thorough explanation.

Here are my thoughts on what we can expect from Shopping Ads for smaller accounts in 2019. That's right — in order to get your products on Google Shopping, you have to google shopping product listings; Going At this website, pay. While you can settle for only getting as granular as 200 IDs maximum, the only other way around this limitation would be to transition to new Shopping campaigns.

Coincidentally, using product sub-division is also the way in which we would create more specific ad groups within a Shopping campaign. Unlike traditional AdWords SERP (search engine results page) ads, to be successful with Google Shopping eCommerce advertisers need to take an SEO optimization-type approach.

I've seen well-targeted Shopping campaigns wherein 60 percent of visitors buy the product within the same hour of seeing the ad. The inclusion of ads from competing comparison shopping engines (CSEs) is part of Google's response to an antitrust massive fine issued by the European Commission last summer.

Let Google Shopping choose the best time and place to show the right products to the right shoppers. There are a few steps you should follow to create Shopping ads and set up a Shopping campaign. There are there options here, you can create a feed in Google Sheets, you can set up an automatic fetch from your website or finally you can upload a file from your computer.

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